CropSto Hermetic Bags – An Introduction to Hermetic Technology

Hermetic Technology like that used in Hermetic Bags is a type of storage technology that uses the concept of creating a controlled atmosphere to protect the stored commodities from contamination by air, moisture, insects or pests.

Improper storage conditions are the main causes of deterioration in grain quality and decrease in food quantity. A proper storage structure must provide absolute protection from moisture and infestation by insects, pests, rodents, birds, etc.

Hermetic technology provides this by being an air-tight and moisture-tight storage system.

Why use Hermetic Technology?

Food is one of man’s basic needs. In the last decade, with increasing demands for high quality and safe food, food security has become a growing concern for the world over.

No doubt improving agricultural productivity is crucial, but a more holistic approach will ensure food security in the long run. This involves increasing the production and distribution, and decreasing the loss of food.

Reducing post-harvest food losses is therefore a critical component in our quest for food sustainability. Additionally, grain quality protection during storage is vital. This is where Hermetic Bags and Hermetic Technology for Food Grain Storage come into play.

How does Hermetic Technology work?

Hermetic technology works by sealing the stored grain from the outside atmosphere.

How CropSto Bags achieve Hermetic Storage

This achieves two things:

  • Stops the uptake of moisture and oxygen from the outside air.
  • Protects the grain from pests.

Respiration by the insects already present inside and by the grain itself generates an O2-deficient and CO2-enriched atmosphere. Depending on the size of the storage structure, the oxygen levels can decrease from 21% to less than 10% within a short period of time. At low oxygen levels, all insect activity ceases.

This makes hermetic technology an anaerobic storage system that controls insect infestation, while preserving grain quality.

Where can you use CropSto Hermetic Bags?

CropSto Hermetic technology is becoming a popular technique to store dry agricultural produce.

Hermetic bags can store:

  • Green Coffee
  • Rice
  • Wheat
  • Maize
  • Pulses
  • Lentils
  • Cereals
  • Beans like cocoa, coffee, vanilla
  • Nuts like cashews, peanuts
  • Herbs and spices
  • All types of flour

How can you use CropSto Hermetic Bags?

Hermetic technology is available in the form of storage bags, called hermetic storage bagsCropSto Bags provides these hermetic bags – made from a polymer called EVOH (ethylene vinyl alcohol) – with storage capacities ranging from 500 g to 100 Kg.

In order to use these hermetic bags, follow these steps:

  • First, clean all grains and seeds.
  • Then, ensure they are dried to the desired target moisture content.
  • Fill up the hermetic bag with your grains or seeds.
  • Press the bag properly to make sure that as less air as possible remains inside.
  • Twist the open end of the bag and seal it with a cable tie. (Note: Seal the bags correctly to avoid oxygen leakage and an increase in insect activity)
  • Give it another twist and re-tie it. This reduces the probability of air exchange.
  • Place the bag in the shade or under cover, to avoid moisture movement from lower to upper levels.
  • Limit opening and closing the bag to reduce oxygen replenishment.

Uses of CropSto Hermetic Bags

CropSto Hermetic bags primarily store agricultural commodities such as wheat, grains, maize, coffee beans, and cocoa beans. The many facets to the use of hermetic storage technology are:

  • Control insect infestation and mold: At low oxygen levels, insect activity ceases. Carbon dioxide at high levels works as a natural flushing gas, eliminating all insects. By controlling moisture levels, hermetic technology is also effective in preventing the growth of mold and the adverse health effects of mold ingestion.
  • Quality: Hermetic storage bags can not only store dry agricultural produce, but also preserve the produce without any spoilage or use of pesticides. Hence, it improves the overall grain quality and seed viability. Note that seed viability can be increased from 6 to 12 months in tropical climates.
  • Quantity: By ensuring that it is an air-tight and moisture-tight barrier, it prevents deterioration of a commodity due to climactic changes or pest damage. Rodents and birds are also deterred when grain is stored in hermetic bags.
  • Health: Hermetic storage technology helps keep food healthy and nutritious. It locks in the nutrients and minerals that would otherwise be lost due to exposure, contamination, insects, mold. Since no chemicals or pesticides are used, health hazards attributed to them are also avoided.
  • Aroma, taste, and color: Hermetic technology prevents the re-absorption of moisture, which could damage crop quality. This is especially important for high-valued crops such as coffee and cocoa. Hermetic storage helps to achieve preserved aroma, taste, freshness, and color.
  • Duration: The products can be stored for long periods, as long as two years, when stored at the right level of moisture content.
  • Profitable: Preventing food losses and preserving food quality increases the profits of smallholder farmers and traders, boosting the agricultural economy.

Advantages of Hermetic Technology

  • Green technology: Hermetic technology is a completely organic method of storing agricultural products.
  • Effective: Reduces post harvest losses, maintains food quality and safety.
  • Attractive: Prevents infestation and moisture loss. Chemical-free. It’s a user-friendly and sustainable form of storing grains.
  • Affordable: Hermetic storage bags are cost-effective, allowing a positive impact on farmers, finance, and food security.
  • Accessible: Hermetic technology is commercially available in the form of hermetic bags so that it is easier for food to be made available and accessible to all.

CropSto Bags provides these hermetic bags, as a solution to reducing food loss, thus improving the standards of food safety and security. With a wide array of offerings, CropSto Bags can provide large-scale or small-scale storage bags for any dry agricultural commodity.