About CropSto company

About us


CropSto is all about superior quality and high- barrier hermetic packaging/storage solutions for green coffee, cocoa, tea, sugar, rice, spices, maze and other grains. It is used as inner liner for jute bags or ordinary sacks.

Our bags are multi-layered, hermetically sealed and environmental friendly. They are manufactured using specially researched technology to preserve the natural freshness of the farms in warehouses and during its transport, without use of pesticide & insecticide.

About us

Why Hermetic Grain Bags ?

Every Farmer deserves top quality storage solution which seals in the aroma, taste and every other essential qualities of their grains, which is why CropSto is the best.

Health and Growth

Our product protects commodities against mold growth, oxidation and rancidity along with reducing food losses.

Life of Farmers

Our Products help to grow farmers by protecting their commodities against insects and food loss which result more profitability and improve their lifestyle.

Perfect Solution

We are a perfect solution for organic product, as you do not have to use any chemicals while transportation or storage of the same.

Climate Change

Hermetic storage is a perfect fit for climate-smart agriculture as a cost- efficient alternative to more conventional options such as cold storage or the use of silo.


CropSto believes in a sustainable food system that provides healthy food without use of pesticides, while also providing sustainable impacts on both environmental, economic and social systems that surround food.


By excluding the use of harmful chemicals and fumigants, we protect customers from infection and provide fresh food. The farmers are also saved from post-harvest losses, thus improving their income.

CropSto products

Our Product are sustainable, economical and most importantly, environment friendly.


Since I started using their hermetic bags for storing my green coffee beans, I've noticed a significant improvement in the freshness and quality of my brews. The bags are incredibly durable and provide an airtight seal, preserving the aroma and flavor of the coffee for an extended period. It's a game-changer for any coffee enthusiast or professional roaster!

Avison coffee exporter

As a cocoa lover and confectionery enthusiast, I cannot recommend their vacuum bags enough! These bags have revolutionized the way I store my cocoa beans and chocolate products. The airtight seal keeps them fresh and protects them from moisture, ensuring optimal flavor and texture. It's like opening a new bag of cocoa every time I use it. Absolutely fantastic!

Cocobox cocoa company

Their hermetic bags for tea have been a game-changer for my tea business. The quality and design of these bags are impeccable. They effectively preserve the freshness, aroma, and delicate flavors of various tea varieties. Now, my customers can truly enjoy a premium tea-drinking experience. I'm extremely satisfied with the results!

Indian specialty tea co.

As a professional in the food industry, I rely on their vacuum bags for storing a wide range of grains and spices. The durability and effectiveness of these bags are unmatched. They create a secure barrier against air and moisture, preserving the flavor and nutritional value of my ingredients. These bags have become an essential part of my Export business!

Adale Group, UAE

I recently started using their FIBC bags with liner for storing rice, and I'm amazed by the results. These bags keep the rice fresh, preventing it from becoming stale or infested with pests. The convenience of the resealable feature is a bonus. I no longer have to worry about wastage or compromising the quality of my rice. It's a must-have for every pantry!

North East Organics, Assam