Multilayered Hermetic Plastic Storage Bags

Multilayered Hermetic Storage Bags

Multi layered Hermetic storage bag and eco-friendly bag with high oxygen and moisture barrier properties to seal the aroma and freshness of Grains.

  • Extremely Strong
  • Made with food grade raw material
  • Recyclable and reusable
  • No need for use pesticide or other chemicals
  • Lock the aroma and freshness
  • High temperature tolerance (-30 o C to 90 o C)
  • Available in many sizes.
Product Size Width (mm) Length (mm)
CropSto 40 40 650 900
CropSto 50 50 650 1100
CropSto 80 80 750 1300
Multilayered Hermetic Sampler Bags

Multilayered Hermetic Sampler Bags

Multi layered Hermetic storage bag and eco-friendly plastic bag with high oxygen and moisture barrier properties to seal the aroma and freshness of Grains.

For samples or small batch, available in Manual sealing option with Label for branding or writing details.

Product Size Width (mm) Length (mm)
CropSto 0.2 0.2 135 170
CropSto 0.5 0.5 150 245
CropSto 1.0 1 180 267
Vacuum Pack Bag

Vacuum Pack Bag

Cropsto vacuum Bag is shield for your food and grains against all dangerous objects during storage and transportation; we are giving complete vacuum packaging solution including CropSto bags, vacuum & sealing machine and molds as per your required size and shape.

Product Width (mm) Length (mm)
AEGIS-15 485 685
AEGIS-20 525 720
AEGIS-25 580 780
Multilayered Hermetic Sampler Bags

Container Liners

CropShield Liners have been specifically engineered to provide a fully airtight environment for storing and transporting grain. Manufactured in strict accordance with FDA regulations, these liners ensure compliance with industry standards.

  • Easier to set up
  • Effortlessly assemble
  • Allows use of forklift
  • Robust Tuff polypropylene material
  • Reusable and Recyclable
  • Minimum Weld/Joints
  • All weather proof
  • Food Grade Safe
Product Size Width (mm) Length (mm) Height(mm)
CropShield 20 20 2400 6100 2400
CropShield 40 40 2400 12200 2400
CropShield 40HQ 40 2400 12200 2700
Jute Bag


Revolutionize your long-term storage and shipment practices with our game-changing solution! Safeguard your grains in a secure environment using FIBC bags liners – the epitome of both economic and eco-friendly packaging. Elevate your storage experience and contribute to a sustainable future with our innovative solution. Due to its proximity to the lowest Water Vapor Transmission Rate (WVTR) value, this liner provides optimal protection against moisture.

SIZE : 1050 (L) x 1050 (W) x 1200 (H) 1 ton capacity Top Spout 400 D x 500 L Tuff Multilayer liner. (size can be modified as per requirement) Customizable Options : Can be use with any of the Standard size FIBC bag

Jute Bag

Food Grade Jute Bags

Food Grade Jute Bags, Hessian Bags/ DWF Bags unprinted/ Printed, The dimensions and quality can be customized as per customer requirements.

Other Bags

Other Bags

PP bags, FIBC Bulk Bags with Hermetic liners as per customized sizes and shape.