Multi-Layered Hermetically Sealed Technology

Our Products is Approved and tested by Hemshell Labs

Normal plastic bags (polyethylene bags) are made of extremely thin polymers and allow for high oxygen permeability. This provides an environment for even a small number of insects to transform into an infestation & ruin your grains/beans. Cropsto Bags, on the other hand, create an organic hermetic storage environment which acts as a barrier against the air outside. Moisture content is regulated and chances of infestation are curbed by reducing oxygen levels and increasing carbon dioxide levels.

When produce is stored in our CropSto bags, it is totally isolated from the environment outside the bag. The environment inside the bag has modified atmospheric gases and different humidity conditions than natural atmospheric gases. There is 20.9% Oxygen, 79% Nitrogen and 0.03% CO2 and humidity.

According to anaerobic storage principle of the organism is sealed in gas tight storage, the ecosystem will be modified. High CO2 level kills living insects and suppresses new development. Living organism’s respiration causes O2 depletion and gives off CO2. Low O2 level prevents mycoand aflatoxins development and chemical oxidation.

This Anaerobic condition is kept as long as there is no gas leak from any opening or permeation through the storage material.